Healthy smiles begin with healthy bones.

Gum disease may sometimes lead to destruction of the jaw bones that supports the roots of the teeth. The bone damage that occurs must be corrected to prevent the disease from progressing. In these cases, a procedure called osseous surgery is recommended.

What is osseous surgery?

In this procedure, Dr. Alger skillfully reshapes the bone that holds teeth in place in order to correct for small areas of bone loss and reduce the depth of gum pockets. Osseous surgery improves the health of a patient’s mouth by reducing bacteria, preventing further bone loss and helping to restore the mouth to full functionality.

How is the procedure performed?

Osseous surgery is typically performed during flap surgery. Every effort is made to conserve bone and minimize gum recession. During this procedure, you can expect the following:

  • Our team will apply a local anesthetic that will allow you to remain comfortable during the procedure.
  • You have the option of safe, conscious sedation for improved relaxation and comfort.
  • Dr. Alger will then perform the flap procedure to visualize the roots beneath the gum line.
  • After the roots of teeth have been properly cleaned, Dr. Alger will use advanced tools to gently reshape the bone around the teeth. Dr. Alger acts with a conservative approach to save as much bone structure as possible.
  • Once the bone has been reshaped, small sutures will be used to fasten the gums back into place.
  • Patients are typically surprised at how well they do during and after treatment. In the following weeks after surgery, your gums will heal and signs of improved health, such as firm and pinker gums, will become visible.

Is this procedure right for me?

Osseous surgery is often used to treat bone loss around multiple teeth. If gum disease is threatening to destroy your bone structure – or has resulted in bacteria-filled defects in the bone around your teeth – this procedure may be recommended to save your teeth and restore your smile to its pleasant appearance.