Regenerating bone to build confident, fully functioning smiles.

Sometimes, periodontal disease causes extensive bone loss that cannot be treated with conventional gum surgery. However, that doesn’t mean we are out of options!

What is bone regeneration?

Extensive bone loss can make it challenging or even impossible to treat bacteria-filled gum pockets. Through advancements in periodontal therapy, Dr. Alger can regenerate the bone in many cases to save teeth and preserve your smile.

How does it work?

Bone regeneration typically involves the placement of a bone grafting material into the bone defects surrounding infected teeth. To further improve the ability to regenerate bone around the teeth, a process called guided tissue regeneration is sometimes used. This process which uses collagen barriers in conjunction with bone grafting materials.

Why is Dr. Alger so excited about bone regeneration?

This really is a remarkable and exciting science! Today, we can provide results through bone regeneration that were only dreamed about years ago. Bone regeneration has been a special interest of Dr. Alger since dental school.

  • Regeneration of periodontally diseased roots was the topic of his research and master’s thesis during his specialty training at The Ohio State University.
  • Dr. Alger frequently shares his knowledge of the advancements in bone grafting procedures and practices with the periodontal residents at The Ohio State University.
  • Dr. Alger is committed to continually staying abreast of the latest research and procedures related to bone regeneration and grafting processes.

Bone grafting procedures are often the difference between keeping teeth and having them extracted. In our practice alone, we have many examples of patients who have been treated with bone regenerative procedures that have saved their teeth!

Do I qualify for bone regeneration?

Dr. Alger will meet with you to discuss your current condition and will present all your treatment options to ensure a confident path forward.