Orthodontic Surgery Pre-Op

When surgery is the best option.

In the event that your gums require surgery to get healthy, Dr. Alger is uniquely qualified and extremely experienced to perform minimal to extensive surgical procedures to treat periodontal disease.

Why Surgery?

If the gum tissue surrounding a patient’s teeth cannot be repaired with a non-surgical approach – such as scaling and planing – surgical treatment may be necessary. ┬áDr. Alger typically exhausts all non-surgical options before recommending a surgical procedure.

If it is determined that surgery is in your best interest, a detailed treatment plan will be developed. In such circumstances:

Orthodontic Surgery Post-Op

Orthodontic Surgery Post-Op

  • Dr. Alger works directly with your dentist to ensure the best results before and after the procedure
  • Our surgical staff is committed to patient comfort at every step
  • You will be treated in a state-of-the-art treatment facility
  • Dr. Alger offers a full range of surgical procedures, depending upon your needs
  • Dr. Alger only offers procedures that are defended by clinical research
  • A gentle approach means a greater tolerance for surgery
  • You’ll be well-informed about each stage of your treatment plan