Better Care with Smart Technology in the Columbus and Gahanna area.

At Dr. Fred Alger Periodontics & Dental Implants, the team combines their professional experience with state-of-the-art technology to deliver successful diagnostics and treatments. Whether you are coming to us for periodontal treatment, dental implants, a biopsy or another specialty, Dr. Alger and his team rely on precision technology to fit each situation and provide each patient with the best care possible.

Advanced Dental Technology

Take a quick walkthrough of our treatment center, and you’ll immediately find some of the most impressive technology offered in the dental field today. Our computer-enhanced operating rooms equipped with sophisticated dental tools, including laser technology, set the stage for wonderful treatment results.

Technological development and increased scientific knowledge have moved the dental field forward. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, Dr. Alger can provide the best care and results possible.

With Dr. Alger, you’ll have the benefit of advanced dental technology combined with a thoughtful and focused touch. The medical technology used throughout our treatment center allows our team to:

  • Properly diagnose your condition
  • Understand the impact of bacteria within your gums
  • Visualize the conditions within your mouth
  • Deliver procedures with a quicker recovery time
  • Keep you comfortable during more complex treatments
  • Avoid surgery altogether if possible

Our Office Technology

You can expect our team to use the following types of technology in our cutting-edge dental office:


Dr. Fred Alger finds perioscopy, which utilizes an endoscope, the most incredible and unique technology in our office. Our goal is to treat gum disease, and perioscopy alternatives allow us to provide fantastic results, helping people keep their teeth with less cost and discomfort than periodontal surgery. Perioscopy sometimes helps minimize the need for surgical procedures.


Our team can sample bacteria underneath a patient’s gum line and look at it under our office’s phase-contrast microscope. We can determine the bacteria type and if white blood cells are fighting the bacteria.

With this in-office technology, we can check the bacteria painlessly and without sending the specimen to a lab. Within minutes, we can see any active infection and use the associated state-of-the-art digital camera to show our patients the samples on a digital monitor. Learn more about the bacteriologic evaluation and schedule your appointment today.

Digital X-rays

These modern X-rays use much less radiation than the X-ray method of the past while creating higher-quality images. Our digital X-ray technology gives our team a good viewpoint of oral health concerns, also providing the ability to zoom for a closer look at specific problem spots.

iTero Digital Scanner

Instead of using messy pastes and impression trays, our office uses this scanner to create digital impressions of our patients’ mouths. In addition to providing a more comfortable process for our patients, it allows Dr. Alger and his team to see the teeth and gum tissues similarly to a full mouth photograph.

This technology allows us to monitor gum recession for more accurate treatment and to make models and dental-related appliances. Further, we can use the scanner and 3D images to precisely plan a patient’s implant placement with the help of a dental lab.

Cone Beam X-rays

This CBCT scan produces three-dimensional images that allow our team to see structures that two-dimensional imaging can’t show. Dr. Alger explains that this technology gives him and his team a better idea of the anatomical structures and sites for dental implants and helps him diagnose pathology accurately.

Intraoral Camera

This is a slim camera that Dr. Alger can hold in his hand and move around your mouth to create high-quality images. The intraoral camera provides our team with enhanced detail of gums and mouth concerns. The digital images are displayed on a monitor to give our team and our patients a better view.

Laser Therapy

Various laser therapies are used in our dental office. The simplest laser is called a diode, which we often use to refine surgical incisions for cosmetic gum surgical treatment. A more sophisticated technology is the Waterlase Biolase laser therapy. This laser can be used instead of conventional surgical instruments for soft tissue and bone surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can cover particulate bone graft materials to enhance bone regeneration and improve healing.

We simply draw a small blood sample, which our team places into a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the blood components into various layers, and Dr. Alger will use the platelet rich plasma layer to enhance the healing process during a patient’s oral surgery.

Resonance Frequency Analysis

When we place dental implants, we need to check whether the procedure is successful, meaning the implant is anchored to the bone and is stable and functional. Toward this goal, our office uses a resonance frequency analysis (RFA) device to measure implant stability.

Our team painlessly inserts a small post into the implant. An instrument similar to an electric toothbrush is placed near the implant. The post vibrates at a certain frequency range to determine how stable the implant is in the bone.

Technology for Your Custom Treatment Plan

Dr. Fred Alger and our team use the right medical technology for your unique dental situation. Do you have a question about our technology and how we intend to use it for your specialized dental care? Just ask! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding our equipment and techniques. We are proud to serve the Columbus Ohio area and we look forward to seeing you and answering any questions that may arise. Call today!