Perioscopy Surgical Alternative in Columbus

Technological development in dentistry has brought innovative tools that improve the patient experience and create a better process for dental professionals. Perioscopy is one such medical technology that helps provide an alternative to surgical procedures in some cases.

Dr. Fred Alger is a strong proponent of perioscopy, which he finds to be the most unique and amazing technological tool our office uses for patient care. He believes in the benefits it provides, including providing a way to avoid surgery and save natural teeth whenever possible.

What is Perioscopy?

A revolutionary new tool, the perioscope is a small fiber optic camera that can be gently placed underneath the gum line. The image of the root is visualized on a computer monitor at a magnification of approximately 40 to 48 times.

This camera and monitor image give Dr. Alger and his hygienist the ability to actually see the surfaces of the teeth as they are being cleaned and the tartar buildup is being removed. A slender cleaning insert is simultaneously used to access deposits on the root surface.

Revolutionary Treatment for Periodontal Disease Without Surgery in Gahanna

Dr. Alger and his team utilize camera-assisted scaling to treat periodontal disease without dental surgery whenever possible. Perioscopy is a surgical alternative that continues to be proven effective in treating gum disease.

We may use an endoscope to perform scaling and root planing — procedures that help clean out bacterial buildup contributing to gum disease and encourage the gums to heal themselves. This technology gives an innovative way to restore your gum and oral health.

What Are the Benefits of Perioscopy?

The benefit of perioscopy is that the clinician can now see the bacterial plaque and tartar on the root, even in deep pockets. This technology can also be used to treat peri-implant disease and has been well documented as an effective tool to treat diseased teeth and dental implants non-surgically.

Perioscopy gives Dr. Fred Alger and his team a way to help patients keep their natural teeth when they have progressive gum disease. It provides fantastic results for our patients with less cost and discomfort compared to periodontal surgery. There are no stitches required with this process.

Learn More About Perioscopy

With severe gum disease, surgical treatment is still sometimes needed. But for patients looking for an alternative to surgery that actually works, perioscopy is a significant breakthrough. Click here to learn more.

Our dentist will discuss perioscopy further when he talks to you about your treatment options. The process starts with a consultation and exam, during which he can perform diagnostics with our cutting-edge office technology.

Dr. Alger can see if a non-surgical option like perioscopy can work for your situation, while we also offer surgery if needed. When surgery is the better option, Dr. Alger finds ways to make it as comfortable as possible, with minimal intervention required. Ask us if perioscopy can work for your case.