Smile improvements with a specialist’s touch.

For patients dissatisfied with “gummy” looking smiles, Dr. Alger performs cosmetic crown lengthening treatments to craft happy, confident smiles.

What is cosmetic crown lengthening?

Sometimes, a patient feels that their teeth appear short and their smile appears “gummy.” A crown lengthening procedure can drastically improve the appearance of your smile, often without the need for porcelain caps or veneers.

How does the process work?

After Crown Lengthening

After Crown Lengthening by Dr. Alger

Before Crown Lengthening

Before Crown Lengthening

Most patients seeking cosmetic crown lengthening treatments are recommended to Dr. Alger by their general dentist. However, we are also happy to treat patients who have discovered us through other avenues. The process usually works like this:

  • Patients often discuss the appearance of their smile with their general dentist.
  • The patient’s dentist may recognize that a crown lengthening procedure can be done to improve smile appearance without the need of additional dental treatments.
  • The dentist will refer the patient to Dr. Alger for the appropriate procedure and will discuss your treatment with Dr. Alger.
  • Dr. Alger will meet with you to discuss treatment and ensure that the procedure is right for you.
  • The crown lengthening procedure will be performed in a separate appointment, and will generally take about one hour.
  • Your general dentist will see you in the weeks following the procedure, to ensure that your smile goals are being achieved.

What are the benefits of cosmetic crown lengthening?

Dr. Alger’s crown lengthening procedure evens out your gum line to make your teeth look more uniform and give you a natural-looking smile. This procedure will improve the appearance of your smile often without the need for crowns or veneers.