How is Periodontitis Treated?

Dr. Alger has built a highly effective non-surgical program to help patients treat, control and manage gum disease. Non-surgical treatment, such as scaling and root planning, is often the first step for many patients in their treatment journey. However, when deep gum pockets persist and infection is still present, Dr. Alger may recommend gum surgery.

What is periodontitis?

Gum disease that results in loss of the jawbones that support the teeth is called periodontitis. Left unresolved, periodontitis can lead to continued bone loss and eventually to loss of teeth.

What are the goals of periodontitis surgery?

Dr. Alger performs three types of surgical procedures for periodontitis: flap surgery, osseous surgery, and bone regeneration. In each procedure, Dr. Alger has three primary goals:

  • Reduction of bacteria and the deep gum pockets that accumulate these harmful bacteria
  • Removing any tartar from the roots that could not be removed with non-surgical treatment
  • Correcting damage that has been done to the jawbones surrounding the teeth, due to bacterial infection