Has your dentist told you that you have periodontitis? While under the same umbrella as gum disease, periodontitis is essentially a more extreme case. It is gum disease that features a serious infection, turning into bone loss in your jaw if left untreated.

Dr. Fred Alger and his skilled team are experienced at treating periodontitis gum disease. We have numerous treatment options available at our Gahanna office to significantly boost your oral health.

What Is Periodontitis?

Gum disease resulting in loss of the jawbone that supports the teeth is called periodontitis. When this problem is left unresolved, it can lead to continued bone loss and eventually to the loss of teeth.

Many signs indicate that periodontitis is present in your mouth. Your gums may feel tender and look swollen and darkened in color. Also, your gums may bleed, which you may notice when you brush or floss. Various other symptoms can show themselves, including pain when eating, loose teeth or bad breath.

Most likely, your dentist referred you to Dr. Alger because of signs of gum disease. Our office has highly advanced diagnostic technology that helps us properly distinguish the type of gum disease you have and see how far the problem has progressed. This process helps us provide you with the best treatment available to restore your smile and oral health.

How Does Gum Disease Happen?

Generally, the major offender of periodontitis is a build of of plaque. This happens because of a failure to brush your teeth properly or consistently. Failing to floss as well as avoiding visiting the dentist for regular deep cleaning appointments also contributes to periodontitis.

Poor oral health causes the substances plaque and tartar to build up. These substances allow bacteria to impact your mouth and gums, causing gum disease and worsening over time when left untreated.

How Is Periodontitis Treated?

Dr. Alger has built a highly effective non-surgical program to help patients treat, control and manage gum disease. Non-surgical treatment, such as scaling and root planing, is often the first step for many patients in their treatment journey.

However, when deep gum pockets persist and infection is still present, Dr. Alger may recommend gum surgery. There are different types of surgical procedures our office may use, depending on your situation. In every case, we aim to restore your oral health and support healthy teeth.

What Are the Goals of Periodontitis Surgery?

Dr. Alger performs three types of surgical procedures for periodontitis: flap surgery, osseous surgery and bone regeneration. With each procedure, Dr. Alger has three primary goals:

  • Reduction of bacteria and the deep gum pockets that accumulate harmful bacteria
  • Removing any tartar from the roots that could not be removed with non-surgical treatment
  • Correcting damage that has been done to the jawbones surrounding the teeth due to bacterial infection

Dr. Alger Can Restore Your Smile Back to Health!

If you’ve been diagnosed with periodontitis and your dentist has referred you to our office, Dr. Alger is uniquely qualified to care for your gums and save your smile! During a consultation appointment, Dr. Alger provides a precise diagnosis and talks to you about treatment options. Contact our office today to find out more!