Welcome to our practice

Your initial appointment.

Welcome to our practice. Thank you for choosing us for your unique dental care. We are looking forward to providing you with excellent treatment and personal attention!

What to expect at your first appointment:

Dental examination

Dr. Alger will gather information about your teeth and gums by doing a gentle examination.

Discussion of findings

After the examination, Dr. Alger will discuss exam findings with you. You are encouraged to ask any questions that you might have.

Fee estimate

If treatment is indicated, our financial coordinator will present you with a fee estimate. She will discuss your insurance benefits and flexible payment options.

Dental x-rays

We will attempt to obtain recent X-rays from your dentist. In some cases, additional X-rays may be required to make an accurate diagnosis.

Discuss treatment options

Dr. Alger will discuss your treatment options with you. Your desires and unique needs will always be valued.

A report sent to your dentist

After your appointment has been completed, Dr. Alger will send a report of his findings and recommended treatment options to your dentist.

What to bring to your first appointment:

  • Your referral card – If your dentist provided you with a referral card, please bring it to your first appointment!
  • Your Patient Account Information form and Medical/Dental History formPlease download these forms and bring the completed copies with you!
  • Your dental insurance card – Most of our patients prefer to have us file their insurance paperwork. Please bring your insurance card so that, as a courtesy, we can help to file your claim.
  • Your flex spending balance – If you have questions regarding the payment or coverage of your treatment, our team is happy to assist you!
  • A family member or friend, if you like –If you are undergoing sedation treatments – or just want to have a friend by your side, they are welcome to join!