We have several options to help patients comfortably pay for treatment.

Dr. Alger and his staff want to make sure that the cost of treatment does not become a barrier preventing you from receiving the treatment that you want and need to maintain a healthy smile. After your exam and consultation, our financial coordinator will present to you a fee estimate and payment options. Typically payment for the new patient exam is made at the initial appointment, while financial arrangements are made for future treatment. Our goal is to be flexible, so that we can find a plan that best suites you.

For patients with dental insurance:

Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be a tedious task. Therefore as a courtesy to you, we will submit your insurance claims for you if you wish. Please complete the insurance section of your patient account form and bring your dental insurance card with you, so that we may help you obtain reimbursement on a timely basis.

Although you are ultimately responsible to know the limitations of your plan, our financial coordinator will attempt to maximize your insurance benefits, within the limitations imposed by your insurance company. We do accept assignment of benefits from most dental insurance companies, with the exception of DMO’s. We do not participate with Medicare or Medicaid.

People sometimes mistakenly think that because they have insurance, they will have no out of pocket expenses for treatment. Although this may be the case with medical insurance, it is unusual with dental insurance. Dental insurance certainly is a big help, but it may not cover all of the expenses associated with a patient’s dental treatment. Any fees for treatment that are not covered by dental insurance can be paid for in a wide variety of flexible ways.

In Network or Out of Network:

Dental insurance companies sometimes distinguish between dentists that are considered “in network” and those that are “out of network”. Patients think that if a dentist is not “in network”, then their dental insurance will not help them with the cost of treatment. Usually, this is not the case. More significantly, in the vast majority of cases in which patients have sought a second opinion in our office, they have found that our cost of treatment was significantly less expensive than other specialists who are “in network”. One reason for this difference is that Dr. Alger’s treatment recommendations tend to be conservative in nature.

Do not be discouraged from making an appointment, or seeking a second opinion in our office if it turns out that we are not “in network” with your particular plan. You may be pleasantly surprised.