Single Implant Before

Before Single Implant

Replace a single missing tooth

If you have a missing tooth, Dr. Alger can work with your dentist to replace it.

What are single dental implants?

A single tooth implant is a free standing device and does not involve treatment to the surrounding teeth. Once the implant is placed, an abutment (or post) is attached to provide the final support for a dental crown.

Typically the implant is placed by Dr. Alger and the crown is placed by your dentist. Dr. Alger and your dentist will work as a team to restore your smile.

What are the benefits of single tooth implants?

single implant after

After Single Implant

There are several advantages to replacing a missing tooth with a single dental implant. These benefits include:

  • Provide a strong and durable foundation for natural-looking replacement teeth
  • Prevention of additional bone loss caused by missing teeth
  • Preserves the condition of healthy adjacent teeth by eliminating the need to use surrounding teeth for support
  • Stimulate bone tissue and gums, which ensure an attractive and esthetic result

Following implant placement, a patient will be advised in proper care for their dental implant. Routine dental visits, brushing and flossing are crucial habits to develop to ensure the long-term success of a single tooth implant.