As dental technology has advanced, dental professionals have access to improved diagnostic and treatment tools to provide better care for their patients. Cone beam 3D X-rays is one example of an advanced technology that provides enhanced results over traditional X-rays. Cone beam images make treatment planning more accurate and produce better images. Cone beam 3D X-rays is an important diagnostic tool in dentistry.

At our cutting-edge office, Dr. Alger uses cone beam technology along with additional precision technology to enhance patient care.

What Is Cone Beam 3D Technology?

Cone beam computed tomography, also known as a CBCT scan or 3D imaging, makes treatment planning more accurate by providing better images. X-rays are an important diagnostic tool in dentistry, but even our advanced digital X-rays can only give a two-dimensional side view. Now, cone beam X-ray technology produces a high resolution, three-dimensional color image with unprecedented detail.

We can zoom through the image to view bone and soft tissue with incredible accuracy. This technology allows Dr. Fred Alger and his team to see images from every angle, including the biting surfaces of teeth. Images can be used to create a 3-D model to be used for treatment planning. This also eliminates the need for traditional impressions involving uncomfortable trays and paste.

The CT Exam Procedure in Gahanna

When you come to our office, you may notice that the CBCT unit looks similar to a conventional X-ray unit. While the machine looks similar, the process of taking the X-rays is slightly different.

For our team to take a cone beam CT scan, we ask our patients to simply ease their face into a chin rest. The procedure usually takes only a few seconds and can be done right here in our office. As the camera rotates around the patient’s head, a cone-shaped beam gets a complete three-dimensional image.

The Benefits of CT Scans

The precision of the 3-D image is extremely useful in placing implants and planning orthodontic treatment. For example, Dr. Alger can use this technology to better understand anatomical structures and sites where the dental implants or orthodontic treatment is going.

This technology allows our dentist to provide more precision diagnostics. It helps us locate root canals, evaluate problems with the jaw joints, and diagnose possible cysts, tumors, or infections at earlier stages.

Also, cone beam X-rays help us plan your treatment with increased accuracy and with the guidance of a more detailed diagnosis. This technological advancement helps Dr. Alger and his staff improve your oral health.

Excellent Imaging Improves Your Oral Health

Dr. Alger and his team like using advanced technology like cone beam CT scans because it allows us to provide better care to our patients and improve their oral health. We can use this tool to catch problems earlier and improve our treatment processes.

Patients who have ongoing decay and periodontal disease benefit from routine X-rays to keep an eye on problem spots before they are visible to the human eye. Through improved technology like a CT exam, we can safely, effectively check on these concerns and provide timely treatment.

Dr. Alger and our team use cone beam X-rays when this method benefits the patient. Ask about our technology and set up a visit to experience the benefits for yourself.