Advanced diagnostic testing to fight back against gum disease.

Dr. Alger provides in-office bacteriologic testing to determine the presence of bacteria within a patient’s gums. The results of these tests are readily visible and understandable by his patients.

What is bacteriologic evaluation?

Many times, a patient may have gum disease but may not have any pain associated with their condition. Bacteriologic testing helps Dr. Alger give a visual diagnosis to each patient. Performed in minutes, chair-side tests are done to show patients the types of bacteria present in their mouth. Depending upon these findings, he is able to recommend treatment that is specific for each individual. Bacteria that are left untreated threaten to destroy the gum tissue, bone and teeth in a patient’s mouth.

What’s included in bacteriological evaluations?

Dr. Alger performs a variety of non-invasive and cost-effective tests to understand the causes of a patient’s periodontitis. While each patient may have different needs, Dr. Alger may use the following tests:

  • Microscopy
  • In office BNA enzymes testing
  • DNA analysis with the help of an offsite lab
  • In office cultures for certain types of fungal infections

Quantitative and qualitative examinations are performed – meaning that Dr. Alger compares bacteria levels before and after treatment. In this way, you can know for certain that periodontal treatment has been successful.