Helping patients manage their gum disease.

Dr. Alger always tells his patients to think of gum disease as if it’s a condition that must be controlled, rather than cured. The honest truth is that even after gum disease has been successfully treated, there is always the possibility that it can recur. This is especially true when the disease is very severe and when it affects multiple teeth.

How can patients control their gum disease?

Research shows that regular dental visits are key to preventing recurrent gum disease. Working with your dentist, Dr. Alger may suggest a more frequent schedule of professional cleanings. In severe cases, Dr. Alger may provide advanced cleanings in addition to the cleanings provided by a patient’s general dentist.

Dr. Alger recommends that patients control their gum disease through:

  • A frequent schedule of dental cleanings
  • A renewed diligence to regular blushing
  • A commitment to daily flossing
  • A reduction in smoking – or quitting altogether

Managing gum disease requires a committed approach.

Please remember that small actions can have big consequences for your gums. Missing just a couple of your preventative recall appointments with Dr. Alger or your dentist can result in recurrent pockets and periodontal disease that will lead to loose teeth or full on tooth loss. Don’t let this happen to you!