Our commitment to our referring dentists is one that is founded on trust and respect.

A note to referring dentists:

I am honored and appreciative of each and every referral that I receive from the dentists that support my practice. I realize that our patients are your patients first. Therefore, your input is always welcomed and appreciated.

There is an old and wise saying, “that two heads are always better than one”. Our patients can and will receive better care as we work together for their best interest.

After your patient’s initial examination in my office, I will be certain to keep you informed of my findings and treatment recommendations. You will receive a written report after each referral. It is often additionally beneficial for me to give you a phone call, e-mail or text. We are happy to share images such as radiographs and intraoral images with your office, as well as coordinate treatment plans.

Let me know if you have any special requests or recommendations concerning how I can better serve you and your patients.

After treatment is completed, I will also be sure to send a post-treatment report. I don’t assume that patients treated for periodontal disease will automatically end up alternating recalls between our offices. Sometimes that is beneficial but sometimes it is unnecessary. I might make suggestions concerning recall appointments, but ultimately I would like for that decision to be made jointly between us. It is for that reason that I typically try to get your patients back to you for their first recall appointment, after periodontal treatment has been completed.

It is especially necessary to work together as a team, when it comes to dental implant treatment. My staff and I will do everything that we can to ensure that you are successful in providing the best care for your patients.

I understand that it takes time and positive outcomes of patient care to earn your trust.

My staff and I will strive to be deserving of your trust and to conduct our practice in a way that you will be proud to partner with us.


Dr. Fred Alger