Non-surgical treatments are often the first course of action for periodontal diseases and many may have the desire to avoid surgical procedures. However, there are times when periodontal surgery is the best option for an optimal outcome.

Dr. Fred Alger offers a variety of surgical procedures to restore healthy gums, save infected teeth and bring out the very best smile in everyone. Surgery can address periodontal problems preventing them from progressing and restore your oral health. Surgery is often the answered prayer to reach your cosmetic dentistry goals.

We provide numerous surgical procedures at Dr. Fred Alger Periodontics & Dental Implants, where we have the expertise to target periodontal problems in a variety of ways to fit each situation.

Surgical Solutions To Restore Healthy Smiles in Columbus

As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Alger is uniquely trained in surgical solutions that restore healthy gums, save infected teeth, and bring out the very best smiles in our patients. Our office includes precision technology to provide accurate diagnoses and cutting-edge treatment to support improved outcomes.

Solutions Are About People, Not Procedures

Treating gum disease or other mouth conditions effectively starts with understanding people. Dr. Alger goes above and beyond to relate to each patient as he listens to your questions, identifies the treatment goals, presents all available treatment options, and decides upon the best plan forward to restore a healthy, happy mouth.

During a consultation appointment, Dr. Fred Alger takes time to thoroughly explain treatments and help you understand your oral health situation. Our team uses technology to fully understand your type and extent of gum disease or mouth condition. We use this information to inform you about your case and guide the best treatment options, which may include surgery.

What Kinds of Periodontal Surgery Do We Offer?

While Dr. Alger prefers non-invasive treatments, such as scaling and root planing, there are times when surgical periodontal treatment is the best choice to get our patients healthy. Dr. Alger performs the following types of procedures to restore healthy gums and save patients’ teeth:

  • Surgical treatment of gum disease, such as periodontitis
  • Placement of dental implants
  • Bone regenerative procedures
  • Tissue grafts to treat gum recession
  • Cosmetic surgical procedures of the gum tissues
  • Surgical treatment to help your dentist to achieve better fitting crowns and bridges
  • Biopsies and removal of pathologic lesions within the oral cavity
  • Surgical procedures to aid your orthodontist with tooth movement, tooth retention and maintenance of gum health
  • Some patients may be candidates for hi-tech alternatives to conventional surgery

The type of procedure(s) needed depends on your individual case. Numerous factors can impact your treatment plan, such as the type of gum disease or health condition you have, the extent of the damage, and your dental goals.

Dr. Fred Alger and his team use precision diagnostics and communicate with you to understand the various angles of a case and create a custom treatment plan to restore your oral health and smile in the best way possible.

Dr. Alger Helps Patients Smile Again!

Periodontal surgical procedures can dramatically improve your oral health, even if you have a severe gum infection. When oral surgery is required, our goal is to provide treatment as skillfully and as gently as possible while supporting you on your journey to a healthy mouth. Call us today to set up a consultation!