Delivering treatment with comfort in mind.

Everyone would like to have a healthy mouth and attractive smile – but many people are anxious about going to the dentist or periodontist. Dr. Alger and staff understand this. It is our goal to make you as comfort and relaxed as possible during your dental visits.

We strive to provide pleasant experiences.

The well-being of our patients is something that our team deeply cares about. Sometimes, a patient may be fearful of discomfort associated with a dental environment or procedures. The best thing that we can do to minimize discomfort is to provide care skillfully and with a good technique. We also help our patients feel comfortable by utilizing:

  • A numbing gel to prepare for an application of a local anesthetic
  • Gently administered local anesthetics, to numb areas that will be treated
  • Warming anesthetic solutions prior to injection to minimize discomfort
  • Neutral pH local anesthetic injections to provide minimal discomfort
  • Options for watching television or listing to music during treatment

In most cases, we can keep our patients comfortable using the above procedures. However, some patients prefer sedation to help them relax.

Dr. Alger offers sedation options for greater comfort.

Dr. Alger utilizes sedative medications for additional relaxation and comfort. These medications are especially helpful with patients that are anxious or for patients undergoing prolonged, elaborate surgical procedures. Sedative medications are delivered in three primary ways:

Oral Sedation – Our team will prescribe a pill or tablet for a patient to take 1 hour before their dental appointment. Patients are advised to bring an adult driver with them to their appointment, as this medication can cause drowsiness.

Inhalation – Using a small rubber masked placed over the nose, our team can use nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) to reduce anxiety and increase the pain threshold of a patient without long-lasting effects. Once the appointment is over, patients are safe to drive themselves home.

Injection – Medication is administered directly into the bloodstream, producing a deep sense of relaxation. Additional medications may also be administered to reduce swelling and minimize infection. This sedative method is especially useful for patients undergoing very long procedures or with extreme fear of the dentist. Dr. Alger has received training from The Ohio State University to administer I.V. sedation and teaches sedation technique to his residents at the College of Dentistry.