While many dentists in Columbus and the surrounding areas have the tools and capable knowledge to provide dental implants to their patients, Dr. Fred Alger specializes in dental implants and not only get a large amount of work from referrals from other dentists who have patients with more difficult situations, but he and his staff also have the expertise to handle problems from dental implants and can even repair dental implants. If you are having any issues with your dental implant, a consultation to identify the proper method of restoration should be made.  Ignoring irritation and discomfort can lead to further complications.

Whether complications arise from the Osseointegration process in which the titanium implant fails to fuse to the jawbone, or infection as a result of an implant, Dr. Alger can help restore your implant.

We understand that even if a dental implant is properly installed, because of different issues with the gums or jaw, sometimes problems occur. We also understand that sometimes dental implants simply don’t have the the level of comfort that patients may have expected before they had the implant procedure. We are here to help.

If you have a dental implant that you think may be in need of repair, or if you have a dental implant that is bothering you please contact us right away. We can take care of your problem and fix your dental implant. After all, it’s what we specialize in and we look forward to seeing you and helping you save your smile.