Healthy smiles require teamwork – and a surgeons touch!

A periodontal specialist, Dr. Alger skillfully performs implant treatment to replace missing teeth.

Working together to craft your smile.

Rebuilding a smile affected by missing teeth requires a collaborative process. We are committed to working in tandem with your dentist before, during and after implant treatment. In this way, we provide you with the best possible care during each phase of the process.

Surgical Phase

Performed by Dr. Alger

  • Dental implants are placed by gently inserting them into sites prepared in the jawbone.
  • The gum tissues are then stitched over or around the implant.
  • In most cases, a temporary denture is worn to improve appearance and function. Your dentist will provide this denture.
  • After placement, the bone will fuse to the implant and anchor it firmly in place.
  • Healing typically requires three to four months.

Restorative Phase

Performed by your dentist

  • A post, or abutment, will be placed onto the implant.
  • Artificial teeth will be fabricated in the form of crowns, bridges, or implant supported dentures.
  • Your artificial teeth will be fastened to the abutment to create a solid connection.
  • Your dentist will perform follow up appointments to check your progress.
  • The total time for implant treatment varies from three to twelve months, depending on the condition of your jawbone.

Working together for your comfort.

Dr. Alger consults with patients before treatment to determine the best approach for their specific comfort needs. We offer local anesthetic and conscious sedation (such as nitrous oxide gas), and intravenous sedation to provide a stress-free and pleasant experience. If you are anxious about your treatment, or have questions about how we sedate patients, please feel free to ask us!

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