Multiple implants offer an alternative to traditional bridges or removable dentures, giving you a way to have a permanent teeth replacement option. This solution offers a range of benefits, including full mouth function, a complete smile, and good oral health.

When numerous teeth are missing, multiple implants may be the answer. Dr. Fred Alger and your dentist may use dental implants to provide a strong foundation for replacing a row of missing teeth. Dr. Alger offers his specialty of dental implants, while your referring dentist can add a custom-fitted dental bridge.

How Are Dental Implants Used To Replace Several Missing Teeth?

When you are missing one or two teeth, a dentist has the option of filling the space with a traditional bridge that attaches to the surrounding teeth. If you are missing three or more teeth, dental implants may be used to support a bridge.

By using multiple implants to replace the roots of missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge offers a free-standing solution to replace lost teeth. The bridge offers an alternative to putting a single tooth implant in each spot, quickly filling a large gap to restore your smile.

Each dental implant features a titanium screw that Dr. Alger places into the gum, with the goal of the jaw bone fusing to it to create a permanent tooth root replacement. After a healing process, the implant can support a prosthesis by attaching it with the help of an abutment piece.

In the case of numerous missing teeth in a row, the prosthesis is likely an implant-supported bridge. Generally, Dr. Alger provides the implant dentistry, then your dentist helps with the creation and installation of the custom bridge.

What Are the Benefits of Multiple Tooth Implants?

Using dental implants to replace a series of missing teeth has several advantages. This type of teeth replacement:

  • Looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth
  • Helps to preserve bone by replacing tooth roots
  • Does not rely on adjacent teeth for support
  • Increases stability and comfort
  • Restores natural chewing capacity

Following implant placement, a patient will be advised in proper care for their implant-supported bridges. Routine visits to the dentist, brushing and flossing are vital habits to develop to ensure the long-term success of a patient’s treatment.

Are Multiple Implants Right for Me?

Implant dentistry is not right for every person, and there are alternative forms of replacement teeth you can consider. For this option, you need to undergo dental implant surgery and an extensive healing process.

Also, it’s important to support the implant with healthy gums and enough bone structure. If your current oral health status is compromised, Dr. Fred Alger may be able to intervene with a bone graft or other procedures to prepare your mouth for the implants and minimize the risk of implant failure.

Come in for a Consultation in Gahanna

The best way to know if implant dentistry can work for you is to schedule a consultation visit at our office. Dr. Alger will perform an initial exam and consultation to determine if you are a candidate for multiple implants to replace lost teeth. During this time, he can recommend additional treatments to prepare for implants if needed. Contact us today to get started!