Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants help to restore the look and function of natural teeth. Implants stay permanently in place, unlike removable dentures, and they prevent the loss of bone and facial structure that can result from missing teeth.

Nonetheless, implant dentistry is not the right fit for everyone. Our dental implant and periodontal specialist, Dr. Fred Alger, can evaluate your unique needs to determine if dental implants are right for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants consist of a titanium screw inserted below the gum line, fusing with the jaw bone over time. Once healed, the dentist adds a dental prosthesis — a dental crown for a single tooth replacement, or a bridge or denture for multiple replacements.

For dental implants, the prosthesis is supported by the implant screw, whereas a traditional bridge or dentures are supported by neighboring teeth or your gums.

What Makes an Ideal Dental Implant Candidate?

Dr. Alger, located in Gahanna, places implants for patients with a variety of dental conditions. However, dental implants require surgery and an extensive healing process that takes months to complete. This option costs more than bridges or removable dentures. Also, you need to have proper support for the implants with a healthy jaw bone and gums.

For these reasons, dental implants are not right for everyone. You may decide on an alternate tooth replacement option due to cost or the desire to avoid surgery.

If you do not have the proper oral health to support implants, Dr. Alger can discuss other dental procedures that can prepare your mouth to support the implants.

Any patient that is missing teeth, or needs tooth replacement, is a candidate for dental implants. However, an ideal dental implant patient:

  • Has a sufficient amount of bone tissue in the jaw
  • Is free from gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Commits to not smoking during the recovery phase
  • Exhibits good oral health
  • Has a good overall health record
  • Commits to healthy habits post-surgery
  • Commits to routine dental visits post-surgery

What if I Don’t Have Enough Bone Structure or Healthy Tissue?

Jaw bone loss will occur in patients who have lost teeth. Dr. Alger can graft bone and regenerate tissue to prepare a patient for dental implants. If a patient does not have a sufficient amount of bone structure, there are several types of grafting procedures that Dr. Alger can employ:

  • Socket preservation
  • Socket reconstruction
  • Bone and tissue grafting
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Sinus grafting

If you are a right fit, our team will carefully create a recommended treatment plan for an optimally successful implant procedure.

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