Treatment for all conditions affecting the mouth.

While periodontal disease is the most common gum condition observed in our periodontal practice, there are many different types of diseases and conditions that can occur within the mouth. These conditions range from simple canker sores to oral cancer. Treating non-periodontal diseases found in mouth tissue comes under the classification of oral pathology. 

How does Dr. Alger approach oral pathology?

Many non-periodontal conditions come and go, requiring no active treatment. However, there are oral pathologic lesions which do require surgical intervention. In these instances, surgery typically involves taking a small sample of tissue to send away to an oral pathologist to determine the specific condition. This is called a biopsy.

Sometimes, an entire lesion or growth needs to be removed. This happens when a growth presents a risk of spreading or recurring. If there is a risk of malignancy, putting off evaluation or treatment is always a bad idea.

Do I need an evaluation?

Fortunately, most growths within the mouth are non-malignant. Yet even non-malignant lesions can grow to be quite large if left untreated. If you or your dentist is concerned about a lesion within your mouth, please don’t hesitate to have it evaluated by Dr. Alger. Dr. Alger is uniquely qualified and trained to treat all kinds of conditions within the mouth and gums –including conditions not directly related to gum disease.