Yes, there are other options to save your smile!

Dr. Alger has built a highly effective non-surgical program to help patients treat, control, and manage gum disease.

Bacterial infections loosen the gum attachment to the teeth, creating deepened spaces called pockets. These pockets are often filled with harmful bacteria, especially when they grow to 5 millimeters (3/8th inch) or deeper. The accepted dental literature reports that non-surgical scaling and root planing can reduce pocket depth and bacteria from under the gum line, resulting in improved periodontal health.

Proof that non-surgical treatment really works!

Ever the learning practitioner, Dr. Alger decided to put his own practice to the test. To evaluate the effectiveness of his very own non-surgical treatment, Dr. Alger compared before and after results in over 3,000 diseased gum pockets treated non-surgically in his practice.

The results of this study revealed an impressive 69% reduction in the number of 5 millimeter or greater pockets present following traditional scaling and root planing.

It should be acknowledged that this non-surgical procedure does not reduce all pockets to below 5 millimeters in all patients. In some cases, scaling and planing is all it takes to control periodontal disease. In other cases, it’s an important first step.

Investing in new, alternative treatments.

Always looking for proven ways to provide excellent treatment for his patients, we have integrated a new technology into our practice called “The Perioscopy Alternative.” This technique uses a miniature camera called an endoscope to see below the gum line during root cleaning procedures.

Initial findings on over 1,700 diseased pockets treated with this new technology reveal a 90% reduction in the number of 5 mm gum pockets.  There is an impressive 3 – fold reduction in the number of residual diseased gum pockets, when Perioscopy is compared to traditional deep scaling ! Call Dr. Alger’s office to learn how to control your gum disease with greater predictability,  less cost and less discomfort when compared to traditional gum treatment.

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