The benefits of treatment with Dr. Alger.

Even the best brushing and flossing techniques will not remove bacterial plaque from the bottom of deep gum pockets. But there’s good news. Dr. Alger and his team can help restore the health, function and form of your smile!

When treating patients with periodontal disease, Dr. Alger has four primary goals:

Eliminate Infection

Dr. Alger accomplishes this by gently cleaning underneath the gum line to reduce harmful bacteria and tartar that you can’t reach by brushing and flossing.

Save Teeth

Dr. Alger makes treatment decisions based on what’s in the best interest of the patient. Typically his first course of action is to recommend a non-surgical approach to treatment. When necessary, he may recommend bone and tissue regenerating procedures.

Reduce Pockets Caused by Receding Gums

The goal is to reduce gum pockets to below 5 millimeters. This allows bacterial plaque to be removed with routine brushing and flossing.

Restore Confidence

We want you to be confident in your smile and confident in the care that you will receive. Dr. Alger listens to his patients and seeks to treat each person with respect, honesty and dignity.

As a periodontist, Dr. Alger has received extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and many other gum-related conditions. His approach to treatment focuses on the patient first. By focusing on what is best for the patient, Dr. Alger:

  • Outlines a treatment plan tailored around patient’s needs
  • Listens carefully to each patient’s questions
  • Works with a patient’s dentist for the best possible results