Dr. Alger is deeply committed to each patient he is privileged to serve – a commitment that shines through in the letters he receives routinely. Read a word from Doctor Alger first, and then hear from our patients! If you’d like to leave a review, we’d appreciate your feedback on the following sites:

From Our Patients:

Dear Dr. Alger and Staff,

I want to thank you for the wonderful treatment you extended to me (during) the two times that I have visited your office. Everyone there just treated me like family and it was a very nice feeling. I know that going to the dentist is not what everyone enjoys, but as pleasant as my experience was, it makes a person want to drop by weekly.

Thank you again!

- A.S.
Dear Michelle and Dr. Alger,

Thank you for taking care of my concerns and explaining my oral surgery to me. Dr. Alger, you have my trust and confidence! In my humble opinion: You Are The Best! Michelle, your gentle squeeze of my hand did not go unnoticed and gave me the reassurance that I needed. You are an asset to Dr. Alger.

Thank you for your wonderful care.

- L.R.
Dear Fred,

Thanks for your expertise, your meticulous care and most of all for being one of the finest persons I have ever met. How many people can say that about their periodontist?!?

With deep respect and affection,

- D&M

From Referring Dentists

Dear Fred,

Yesterday I completed the implant case on Amy. I’m happy to report we had an excellent result. I was happy with the esthetics, occlusion, fit, etc. More importantly, Amy was happy too. She is pleased to be able to chew and smile again. My compliments to you for the excellent job of surgery that you did…… Thanks!!


- Dr. J

As this year comes to a close, I’d like to express my appreciation to you and your staff for all of the excellent care that you have provided my patients this year and so many others in the past.

It makes my practice so much more enjoyable to have the luxury of referring my patients to a specialist whom I know will provide them with excellent clinical expertise, as well as an empathetic and comforting chair side manner. I have my talents, but there are aspects of dentistry that I do not enjoy nor have the skills to offer those in my care. How you trim and sculpture tissues and suture everything up is amazing to me.

It is wonderful to be able to refer my patients to your office with the full confidence that their periodontal needs will be met in a most professional and caring manner. You have the quality of being very thorough yet conservative and “common sense” in your treatment philosophy. I like that.

Thank you for the role that you play in my everyday life at the office and the services that you so aptly render my patients. I look forward to many more years of mutual association and friendship. Wishing you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a New Year of Health and Happiness.


- Dr. Y.

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