Using intraoral cameras for precise diagnoses.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with a diagnostic camera and monitor, helping Dr. Alger communicate effectively with our patients.

What are intraoral cameras?

Intraoral cameras are small, handheld devices that can easily be navigated during your appointment. The camera allows Dr. Alger to see areas that might otherwise be more difficult to discover. In some cases, Dr. Alger may also use a medical grade extraoral camera or a miniature endoscopic camera, depending upon your needs.

Intraoral images seen include:

With intraoral camera technology, patients can see first-hand:

  • Areas of gum recession or periodontal disease
  • Cracks or fractures in the teeth
  • Factors that impact periodontal health, such as tartar deposits, gum infections, or existing restorations
  • Sensitive areas that require treatment

What are the benefits of intraoral cameras?

When patients are able to see images of their mouth, they can better understand their dental condition. Dr. Alger encourages his patients to ask any questions that they might have concerning the health of their mouth and their treatment options.

Beyond showing images on a screen, pictures and videos from a patient’s mouth can be permanently saved in the patient’s health record. We can also electronically send these images to our patients or their referring dentist. Having existing images on file is an excellent way to monitor the change or progress of conditions and treatment that we complete.