Implant Augmentation Services

If you have missing teeth or loss of bone in your jaw, you may be a good candidate for implant augmentation. Bone augmentation uses replacement material from either your own bone or other sources, to reinforce the jawline, so it can accommodate a replacement tooth.

Bone grafting builds up the area where a tooth is missing. A small opening will be made in the gums and filled with replacement material that is prepared from your own bone or another source. In some instances, we may add platelet-rich plasma from a small sample of your blood, which will aid in stimulating bone growth and healing.

If you are missing any upper teeth, you may need a sinus lift which will reinforce the wall of bone between the upper jawbone and the floor of the sinus. A small opening will be made in the sinus above the missing tooth and the floor of the sinus will be filled with bone grafting material.

Once the filler is placed, a small membrane may be placed over the surface to prevent excess tissue from growing over the graft site. Then the incision will be closed. It typically takes several months for the bone to heal before progressing to the next step.

Before we start any step of the implant augmentation process, we want to make 100% sure that you are comfortable. And, while it may sound complicated, bone grafting is a routine periodontal procedure with minimal pain and downtime. The bottom line is that it will restore the function of your teeth and improve your overall oral health while maintaining the natural shape of your gumline. Your smile will only get better!