October 1, 2015

Girl with Successful Bone GraftToday, dentists have a variety of exciting technologies to improve the health of patients who have lost bone around their teeth due to gum disease. One of the most fascinating advancements is bone grafting, which is a procedure that can restore beautiful smiles to patients whose dentists may have been unable to help in the past. Bone grafting procedures can help patients keep teeth that are otherwise headed towards extraction and dentures.

Not sure what bone grafting is? Let us provide you with the basics on the procedure and explain why it is such a beneficial treatment.

What is bone grafting? What does it do?

Infections of the gums silently destroy the bone, which surrounds and supports the teeth. This loss of bone is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It was once thought that when bone loss occurred around your teeth, that it was irreversible. But this is no longer the case. Bone grafting granules, obtained from medical supply companies can be used to safely, comfortably and predictable regenerate lost bone around the teeth. Your body dissolves these bone grafting materials and replaces them with your own new and healthy bone.

How can bone grafting help patients who are missing their teeth

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone, to replace missing teeth. These implants can then support crowns, bridges and dentures to restore function and appearance. Successful implant surgery requires that the supporting bone be sufficiently strong and dense. In cases where bone loss has occurred, bone-grafting procedures can be done to regenerate missing bone to allow implants to be placed. The grafting creates a stable foundation so the implants are well supported. Oftentimes, people have experienced bone loss over the years for one of the following reasons:

  • Periodontal disease or gum disease
  • Defects related to tooth development
  • Long-term denture usage
  • Facial injuries
  • Empty spaces in the mouth, following tooth removal
  • Bone loss due to root canal related infections

What is involved in the actual bone grafting process?

Bone grafting is a safe and natural procedure commonly used for gum disease treatment. When you visit our office to have it done, you will be gently numbed so the experience is relaxed and pain-free. Then, bone-grafting materials—comprised of your own bone or bone-like synthetics—will be placed into the bone defects surrounding your infected teeth.

After the procedure, you will be given antibiotics and a pain medication if needed. You will be instructed to avoid putting pressure on the bone graft by avoiding certain foods. Then, you can return to your normal life as you begin the healing process. Healing time will vary, depending on the graft location and density.

Why choose Dr. Alger for bone grafting?

Dr. Alger is a Columbus-based periodontist who has extensive experience performing bone grafts. In fact, bone regeneration has long been a special interest of his, leading him to research and publication on the topic while he was receiving his specialty training at The Ohio State University.

Since then, he has spent over 20 years teaching periodontal residents at Ohio State about bone grafting and has authored numerous articles on the subject. He remains committed to staying abreast of the latest research and procedures related to bone regeneration.

Our patients appreciate Dr. Alger not only for his extensive knowledge but also for his thorough dental care. He takes the time to explain periodontal treatments to patients in an unhurried way, leaving them confident that they fully understand their options.

How can I schedule an appointment?

If you are seeking bone grafting in the Columbus area, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fred Alger at our conveniently located Gahanna office. You can do so by clicking here or by contacting us at 614.478.7757. We look forward to seeing you!